7 Signs You're Ready To Get Into A Relationship This Valentine

14 February, 2018 | Ngozi

Hey Snooksters, another Valentine is here and we are certain that the true love birds are super excited. For those of us who have no one calling us to make plans; don’t worry, Snookie got you as we will be discussing 7 signs that means you’re ready to get into a relationship, a relationship with Mr Right of course *winks*

It can be difficult to tell when you're ready to start dating again. Maybe you're coming off of a bad breakup, maybe you've just been focused on other things. And, ironically, one of the signs that you're ready to be in a relationship is that YOU’RE HAPPY BEING SINGLE. "As a single woman, you should remind yourself that you have an amazing life," dating expert Noah Van Hochman says. "Let your confidence in your own life exude into everything around you... Happiness and confidence attracts the same."


  1. You're Ready To Focus On One Person

If you're going to get into a relationship, it's important to be happy focusing on one person.

  1. You're OK With Who You Are

The strongest foundation for getting into a relationship is being settled with who you are as a person. “If someone isn’t at peace with who they are, they won’t be able to give a relationship their all

  1. You've Gotten The Experiences You Want

Your life does not end when you enter into a relationship — far from it. But if you still have anything that's on your bucket list that requires you being single, go for them. “If you feel like you simply have never lived the life you’ve wanted or done the things you have wanted or needed to do, then why settle down?” You should decide what is important and essential for you to do before you look for that special someone. By doing that, you’ll feel settled, ready and satisfied.

  1. You're Not Rebounding

If you're coming off of a relationship, you're likely not ready to get into another one. You have to make sure you leave it long enough to heal and move on.

  1. You're Ready To Really Put Yourself Out There

Making a real emotional connection means making yourself vulnerable, so you need to be ready for that. Putting oneself ‘out there’ simply means being open and honest about who you are and how you feel. It’s a key step in creating a deep connection with someone else. To do this, one needs to communicate ‘their truth’, which could be uncomfortable but it’s a brave and essential effort!” Make sure you're ready to really bare it all.

  1. You're Doing It For The Right Reasons

Why do you want to be in a relationship? Is it just because your friends are? Or you're scared of being single? If you answered yes, then it's a good idea to be single a little longer.

  1. You Know Your Boundaries

As much as you need to be willing to give in a relationship, you also need to be sure of your own boundaries. They're essential for keeping a relationship healthy.