AC in Oba's Palace: Could It be Thor, Nepa or...

4 May, 2017 | Daffy


My People! Just last week, you all went gaga about the kings’ drama. Now palace burn and everyone, well almost everyone is pointing fingers at the imperial man in white. He said he is not involved, but una no wan hear.



Wait oh, is there really a connection? It's been revealed that an air conditioner started the fire. Hian? AC no fit catch fire again? According to NEMA (emergency people) the fire affected the traditional wardrobe section. That got me thinking, hmm, the robes and the sunglasses?



Anyway, my people, let's investigate together. Wetin blow AC? First, we draw a list of suspects. Thor may have acted out of discretion. Nepa may have sparked wires. Awon 'boys' may even be smoking 'bush' and blaming it on the AC sef. Don't forget to leave your comments below and share with 'Friends'.


In other news: I hope you know that Lagos State will foot the bill for repairs so tax payers, get ready.