Rickey Thompson Breaks Down Everything You Need to Know About Royal Etiquette

6 June, 2019 | Ngozi

"When you think of the royals, you think of class, never trash," says Royal Tea host and social media personality Rickey Thompson. In this week's episode, Thompson breaks down everything you need to know about royal etiquette.

How is one supposed to greet Queen Elizabeth? Do I bow? Curtsy? Am I allowed to play with her adorable corgis? And if you saw Michelle Obama and Lebron James hug the royals, does that mean you're allowed to as well? Thompson digs deep into your frequently asked questions about the British monarchy.

He also weighs in on the royals and PDA. Why do Prince William and Kate Middleton keep their PDA G-rated? And is it considered risqué for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to hold hands or kiss in public and many more interesting topics.

Watch below

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