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30 July, 2018 | Chik

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Kiki Challenge Is Dangerous, Police Around The World Warns

Police in different countries around the world has warned about the dangers of the viral Kiki Challenge also known as the “In My Feelings challenge and the consequences of participating in the challenge.  

This comes on the heels of multiple videos that have surfaced online showing participants crashing into poles tripping on potholes or falling out of cars.

Some of the videos show a woman’s handbag being stolen and in another, a man was hit by a car mid-way through his dance.

Police in Spain, the US, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates have warned of the potential dangers of participating in the challenge and have threatened to arrest and fine anyone caught dancing to the song.

The dance moves were first done by internet comedian Shiggy and it quickly evolved to people jumping out of moving vehicles to dance while the car is still in motion.

The craze began when internet comedian Shiggy posted a video to Instagram of himself dancing to the song. Since his video went viral, thousands of people have taken up the challenge.

Mumbai police wrote on Twitter that the dance could put others’ lives at risk, warning people to “Desist from public nuisance or face the music!”

Police in Spain has warned drivers against the dance, saying they could be charged if caught and Florida drivers were warned that jumping out of a moving car and dancing alongside it could see people hit with $1000 of fines as well as possible criminal charges.


Seoul to Investigate Deflection of 12 North Korean Women

South Korea’s National Human Rights Commission is set to investigate the circumstances under which 12 North Korean restaurant workers were brought to Seoul to find out whether it was of their own volition or not.

The United Nations had a month ago called for an investigation on the basis that the women were forced against their will by their manager, Heo Kang-il to move from Ningbo in eastern China to South Korea in April of 2016.

But officials in Pyongyang cried foul, saying the women, who worked in a North Korean state-run restaurant, one of dozens in China were female staff often perform music and dance, were kidnapped and demanded they be returned.

North Korea’s claims were given more weight in May when Heo said in an interview with local television station JTBC he had worked with South Korea’s intelligence service to “lure and kidnap” the women.

Three of the women were also quoted as saying they had not wanted to seek refuge in South Korea and wanted to return home. No one has managed to interview all 12, and they have been largely kept out of the public eye.


3 Dead, 7 Injured as Gunmen Open Fire in Mall

Two unidentified men are currently on the run after opening fire on a crowd outside a New Orleans strip mall on Saturday, July 28th.

According to the city police chief, Michael Harrison, one of the gunmen attacked with a rifle and the other with a handgun. They fired multiple shots into the crowd before fleeing.

First responders found two men and one woman who were pronounced dead at the scene. Five men and two women were taken to two hospitals. None were immediately publicly identified.

“A lot of people were out here tonight. A lot of people, we know, saw what happened, heard what happened. And we need more than anything for people to come forward to help the [New Orleans police department] right now solve this case. It’s not normally like this right here,” one man told the Times-Picayune at the scene on Saturday night. They don’t usually wild out like this anymore over here. I was at home, I didn’t see nothing but this is a neighbourhood spot, with regulars and whatever. Not a place you’d expect this,” he said.

Harrison said police were not sure if the shooting was gang-related.

In a statement released late on Saturday, New Orleans’ mayor, LaToya Cantrell, said she would “dedicate every resource necessary to ending this horror and seeing justice done. There is no place in New Orleans for this kind of violence. I speak for everyone in our city when I say we are disgusted, we are infuriated, and we have had more than enough. Three more lives gone. It has to end.”


Man Found Guilty of Killing Daughter 12

A Pennsylvania man was convicted on all charges in the death of his 12-year-old daughter, who was shot by a constable serving eviction papers with a bullet that went through her father’s arm.

Perry County authorities said that in January 2016 Donald Meyer Jr, 60, pointed a loaded rifle at the constable. The officer fired and the bullet wounded Meyer but killed Ciara Meyer, who was standing behind him.

District attorney Andrew Bender told jurors Meyer was responsible for his daughter’s death.

“Parents are supposed to protect their children,” he said, according to “Not put them in harm’s way.”

The property manager Ashley Hill, who recorded the confrontation with her cellphone from about 20ft away, testified that the girl stepped up behind her father.

“Ciara kept saying, ‘Dad, stop. Dad, stop,”’ Hill recalled, dabbing tears.

The defendant had anti-government views, Hill said, and “thought everyone was against him”.

Jerry Philpott, defence attorney, said Meyer feared his home was “being invaded” and picked up a gun he had been cleaning to try to protect his residence. Meyer blamed the constable for his daughter’s death.

Jurors deliberated for about two hours on Friday before convicting Meyer, of Duncannon, of third-degree murder, aggravated assault and other counts. Meyer still faces firearms-related charges and remains in custody without bail, pending sentencing.

Meyer, who is in a wheelchair recovering from a stroke, criticized his court-appointed attorneys, saying jurors did not hear other witnesses. Philpott declined to comment. Meyer was the only defence witness, against the advice of his attorneys.

Family members said they were relieved by the outcome of the trial.

“We still talk about her today, every day actually, and this is a good day for her,” said Jason Gehman, Ciara’s uncle.


Outburst as Rescue Dog Dies from Poisoning

Kaos, a German shepherd, was hailed Italy’s “hero dog” after finding survivors buried beneath the rubble in the hours after a 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck the hilltop town of Amatrice in central Italy in August 2016, killing 230 people has died.

The rescue died from poisoning and has caused an outcry from animal rights activists.

The dog’s owner, Fabiano Ettore found his poisoned body in the garden of their home in Sant’Eusanio Forconese, a town in L’Aquila province, on Saturday, July 28th.

“I have no words. I can’t understand such a horrible act. He was alive at least until two o’clock in the morning, as I heard him bark,” he said.

Animal rights activists lambasted his killer as a “dangerous criminal” while calling for more severe penalties against those who mistreat and kill animals.

“They killed the hero who, together with rescuers, dug with his four paws during those dramatic hours to find survivors of that massacre,” said Rinaldo Sidoli, a communication manager for Animalisti Italiani.

“Kaos saved humans, and those same humans poisoned him.”

Ilaria Fontana, a politician with the Five Star Movement, which is governing Italy alongside the far-right League, said: “We will find those responsible. It is unacceptable and those who do not respect animals will pay.”

Italian police have opened an investigation into the suspected poisoning.