Rickey Thompson Breaks Down Everything You Need to Know About Royal Etiquette

6 June, 2019 | Ngozi

Thompson demonstrates the proper way to enjoy a cup of piping hot tea...

Lyanna Mormont’s Game of Thrones Death Was Devastating

29 April, 2019 | Ngozi

Unsurprisingly, fans were all over Twitter trying to process this loss, and praising Lyanna as the bad bitch she was to the end...

Viserion Is Finally Dead for Good on Game of Thrones

29 April, 2019 | Ngozi

After episode 3, Viserion can finally rest...

Vacancy! Vacancy!! Vacancy!!!

13 February, 2019 | Ngozi

Submit your CV...

1 More Day To Go~Get Your PVC

7 February, 2019 | Ngozi

Go get your PVC guys...

It's a New Year

8 January, 2019 | Ngozi

2019 is upon us...

Nollywood Actress Funlola Aofiyebi-Raimi Channels Different Personalities

30 November, 2018 | Ngozi

The superstar actress shared the dramatic photos on her Instagram page with captions to motivate upcoming, seasoned and established actors...

Get Your PVC: Just 10 Days Before Registration Ends

9 August, 2018 | Ngozi

Time is running, fast...

Bank Apologises for Shading Competitors

25 July, 2018 | Ngozi

The post had a man in a rocket heading to the moon (depicted by Sterling Bank’s logo) and had the caption: “In shooting for the moon, men become stars.”...

Public Proposals: Yay or Nay?

20 July, 2018 | John

There’s a big difference between romance and pressure, and a lot of times, a public proposal swings towards...

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